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SSL Certificates

SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer, is a protocol that allows traffic between a web server and client (for example the browser) to be strongly encrypted, using public key technology.

Access to a SSL-enabled server is made through URLs that begin with "https:" rather than "http:" and all traffic in both directions is encrypted. SSL Certificates are essential for secure web communications, especially if you are collecting sensitive information from your users. Ecommerce sites sites with secure login sections are recommended to use an SSL Certificate for secure communications.

By eliminating online risk in terms of security and winning the confidence of everyone you do business with online, your market share can expand exponentially, paving the way for new levels of productivity, growth and profitability.

Webolution sell a range of SSL's that can be used with any hosting plan (details on each certificate type are below). An SSL requires a static/dedicated IP to function and one is included in the prices below for our hosting accounts.

12 months validity
Standard SSL Certificate
Wildcard SSL Certificate

Domain Name Registration

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